Ubuntu Linux Experiment

These days I am playing around with Ubuntu Linux. I use the a lightweight flavor called “Xubuntu". It is a really fun, fast and snappy experience. The live CD is neater than knoppix, but still offers those handy software packages. One important thing: like knoppix, Ubuntu uses debian’s package system, this guarantees stability and saves a lot of extra installation work.

I am now trying to do a complete Xubuntu installation on a Toshiba 4GB USB thumbdrive. (The drive is just HK$298). It sounds a bit crazy, but it is not that difficult as expected. At least, it is easier to do a Linux installation on USB than installing WinXP on USB drive.

I know, This post sounds really nerdy. My dear readers, please just forgive my IT spirit dominate for a few days.

(Typing chinese is possible with the live CD, it is just my fault for not learning putonghua well enough to do the input.)




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